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Content Strategy

Without a content strategy, most small businesses struggle to put together content that is geared towards their customers. Content should both answer questions and move a customer to the logical next step with your company. Our ultimate goal is to help bring you more customers and our strategy helps keep you, or your hired content creator, on track.

Keyword Research

You’ve got to start off on the right foot. You already have a solid understanding of your services and the value that customers receive, but in order to connect with new customers we need to confirm how they search for your services. Using historical trends from Google we’ll be able to review what searches are used most often to located businesses like you. Armed with this information, we can gear our content to match those terms.

Customer Profiles

If you’ve got multiple types of customers, you may need to use different terms for each. For example, you likely have features and benefits of your services that would be more important for your commercial business, but may not be important to your residential customers. Understanding the needs of both is important to a sound content strategy. We’ll help you identify and plan for all of your customer profiles.


Content will not stay accurate forever. We’re sure you’ve seen those websites that have not been updated for the past 5 years and have services listed that they no longer offer. You not only need a plan for how to keep the content you have updated, but you also need a schedule that helps you produce new content on a regular basis. Updated content is not only important to your customers, but is one of the best ways to increase your rankings on search engines.

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